Canada's Capital Furry Convention

Since 2016, CanFURence has been bringing people from all over the world together in Ottawa to celebrate the furry fandom in all of its creativity, diversity, and fun! Whether you're a fan of cartoon animals, cinematic creatures, or mascot characters, CanFURence caters to fans of all things anthropomorphic. For 2019, our theme is "Mystery" and we have a lot of mysterious surprises in store for you aspiring gumshoes this year!

Artisans' Alcove and Crafters' Corner

The Artisans' Alcove and Crafters' Corner are where you’ll find vendors of all sorts of marvelous things, as well as tables from other fabulous events.


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Artists' Alley

Artists' Alley is an area of tables that are available to artists and we are happy to say they are free.

Artists' Alley tables are given on a “first-come first-served” basis. To get a table you have to speak to the organizer and you will be assigned an Artists' Alley table space if available. The organizer may rotate people in and out to ensure that tables are fairly allocated.

Artists participating in Artists' Alley must follow all rules set out by the convention which include respect for the shared table, not blocking traffic in the hallway, and ensuring all artwork is censored and/or kept away from underage attendees. Artist in the Artists' Alley however may not sell  or display prices for any work or crafts after the Artisans' Alcove/Crafters' Corner is closed.

For more specific information on the rules please contact us.


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