These procedures may be updated prior to the event.

1. Silent Auction

1.1. Each item is assigned a bidding sheet on which bidders write their bids.

1.2. Bidders can add bids throughout the event, up until one (1) hour prior to the Live Auction.

1.3. CanFURence charity staff members periodically monitor bidding sheets to number valid bids and to identify and cross out invalid bids (IB 1 to 5).

The following bids will be deemed invalid:

IB 1 a bid that is illegible,

IB 2 a bid that doesn’t respect the minimum bid increment,

IB 3 a bid made by a minor without parental consent for the purpose of participating in the charity auctions (verified with registration staff),

IB 4 a bid made by an individual excluded from participating in the charity auctions due to a previous breach of the rules (verified with registration staff),


IB 5 a bid made after a fifth (5th) valid bid.

1.4. If an item receives five (5) valid bids, the bidding section of the bidding sheet is crossed out and the item is marked for the Live Auction. In this case:

• the amount of the last valid bid becomes the starting bid at the Live Auction.

• the last valid bid remains valid and binding to the bidder from the Silent Auction.


2. Live Auction

2.1. By entering the Live Auction room, attendees agree to abide by the Charity Auctions Rules as posted on the CanFURence website and at the room’s entrance.

2.2. Upon entering the Live Auction room, the attendees’ badge names and numbers will be noted down in order to speed up the items payment and pickup process.

2.3. Live Auction etiquette:

• When not actively bidding please remain quiet,

• To inspect an item, please raise your inspection stick. Only request to inspect an item if you seriously consider bidding on it,,

• Decide quickly (or the auctioneer will make you!),

• When bidding, please raise your bidding stick high and call out your bid loudly and clearly,

• When you win an item, please announce your badge number clearly,

• Respect the auctioneer’s calls; they are final.


3. Payment and Items Pick-up

3.1. Payment will be processed during and immediately after the Live Auction, in Delivered.

3.2. All transactions should be resolved within one (1) hour of the end of the Live Auction.

3.3. Please refer to the “Charity Auction Rules” for additional information.

3.4. All income tax receipt requests must be submitted by Sunday, August 14th 2022 at the latest.