Donations Information

Thank you​ for considering donating for the PawPrints Charity Raffle and/or CanFURence Charity Auctions!

We request that an item’s donor provide some information for the bidding sheet. In order to save some time at the event, ​you can fill the information in advance via this link​. Please consider the following before submitting your donation.

  • Items offered for the charity raffle/auctions should be in ​new or like-new condition​, although clean, “vintage” items in good condition may be accepted, at our discretion.
  • Adult material ​should be submitted in advance since it will need to be displayed in a controlled fashion so as to preserve a PG-13 environment. For this reason, we may need to decline donations of an adult nature.
  • Items which ​we cannot accept​:
    • Commercially packaged food items that are not factory-sealed.
    • Alcohol.
    • Used, damaged or threadbare items.
    • Art/comics/books that you have not personally made or written, and/or which are outside of a general furry theme.
  • Additionally, ​items may be declined ​or​ auctioned as a lot if​ they are similar in nature and/or are deemed to have a low auction value, at our discretion.

The Rules for the Charity Auctions are here.


Delivering your Donation:


  • Where: Details to follow

  • When: Ideally, Thursday afternoon or Friday between 9:30 and 11:30 am.

  • To whom: Staff members of CanFURence's charity department

  • Please remove any price tag prior to delivering your donation.

  • Any home-cooked/baked food items must be clearly identified as such.

  • Please plan for a few minutes to fill out a short form and provide a small description for each item, unless you submitted your donation ahead of time​.


Without the generosity of donors like you there could be no auction and, therefore, no fundraising for our community to support local charities. ​

Thank you for making this possible.