Canada's Capital Furry Convention

Since 2016, CanFURence has been bringing people from all over the world together in Ottawa to celebrate the furry fandom in all of its creativity, diversity, and fun! Whether you are a fan of cartoon animals, cinematic creatures, or mascot characters, CanFURence caters to fans of all things anthropomorphic.

For 2021, we're creating a special event in November with a theme of "The Furs are Back in Town" with Guest of Honour Eevachu

For 2022, our theme will be "Steampunk on the Rails" with Guests of Honour Nicnak and Dodge Horse

What is the Live Show?


The CanFURence Live Show is an event designed to provide amateur or professional

costumers and performance artists a showcase in which to demonstrate and share their

talents in front of a live audience.


  • ● Can I perform in the Live Show without a costume?


Yes performances in the Live Show are not required to have a costume.


  • ● I don't have a performance or presentation. Can I still be in the Live Show?


We would like to avoid seeing performers arriving on stage, do nothing at all, then

leaving the stage. This is not very entertaining for the audience. There are many Photo

Opportunities available outside the Live Show for those who wish to show off their

costumes but do not wish to perform.


  • ● Will there be a rehearsal?


There is a MANDATORY rehearsal for all Live Show participants before the event.

The time and location will be announced as the convention draws closer. During the

rehearsal, each participant must provide a description and, preferably, a demonstration of

their performance or presentation. This is to review acts for content, verify that there is an

act to be performed, arrange the performances in an intelligent progression, and as a

practice run for the performers.


This rehearsal will be closed to the convention attendees, so performers need not worry

about surprise costumes or acts being spoiled. If a participant cannot participate in the

rehearsal for whatever reason, they must notify the Director of the event in advance. A

performance that is not reviewed before the Live Show will not be allowed to

participate. Presentations must be provided in a format presentable by the technical staff.


  • ● What is the Live Show rated?


The Live Show must be restricted to PG in nature. Performances above that rating are

only allowed upon approval from the event Director. Simulation or physical suggestion

of sexual acts, extreme violence, and/or deviation from the performance rehearsed in

order to breach the event's rating is not permitted. Performers may only interact with the

audience during the Live Show with prior permission and review by the event Director.

Security may remove any performer who oversteps these boundaries during their act. If

you are not sure, ask the event Director. There is no harm in asking, we try to be very


  • ● Will there be people to assist me during the Live Show?


All performers are requested to have at least one "spotter" at all times during the

Live Show, including the setup. A "spotter" is a person who helps guide, protect, and

assist any costumers to avoid injury or damage. The Live Show will also have

volunteers who will be able to provide additional help if necessary.


  • ● How will the Live Show progress?


All performers need to arrive one hour before the Live Show to prepare and organize

music, placement, and to get an adequate knowledge of the area they will be performing

  1. Any performer who has not participated in a rehearsal may not participate in the

Live Show unless consent is given by the Event Director. There will be a playlist for the

event, during which the performer will remain backstage in the order they will perform

  1. The performers should be aware of which performer they are before, after, and when

they are on. Once the costumer's performance is completed, the performer will return to a

holding room backstage where they may rest and recuperate. After the Live Show, the

performers will exit to the main event area. At that point, performers may remain as long

as they like and leave at any time.


  • ● Who is the MC for the Live Show?


BT-Armistice will be MCing the Live Show. He will be able to read pre-prepared

narration or notes during any performance which can be arranged ahead of time during

the rehearsal. Notes must be legible so he can read it during the show.


  • ● What amenities will be available for the Live Show?


There will be cold water, straws, and fans available. Flash photography, and Videography

will be permitted during the Live Show. If any other items are needed, please let the

event Director know.


Please see the rules for further details. If you have any further questions, have no hesitation about contacting us. If you know anyone else who would like to participate in the Live Show, please pass this information on. Thank you for helping us provide some entertainment for those

members of our convention who have an interest in costuming and performance art.

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