Canada's Capital Furry Convention

Since 2016, CanFURence has been bringing people from all over the world together in Ottawa to celebrate the furry fandom in all of its creativity, diversity, and fun! Whether you are a fan of cartoon animals, cinematic creatures, or mascot characters, CanFURence caters to fans of all things anthropomorphic. For 2021, our theme is "Steampunk on the Rails" with Guests of Honour Nicnak and Dodge Horse

Frequently Asked Questions - All FAQs

FAQs - All FAQs

Yes, minors (under 18 years old as of the first day of the event) can attend!

In order to process their registration, minors must present a completed Parental Consent Form that has been signed by a parent, guardian, or equivalent.  This is in addition to the requirement for all attendees that they must present legal identification in order to receive their registration.

All minors under 16 years old as of the first day of the event MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Minors who are 16 years old or older as of the first day of the event may attend without a guardian present.

Please have your identification and Parental Consent Form ready as this will allow the registration process to go faster.

There is more information about minors registering and attending the convention on our website.  Have a look here

A bid is a contract to buy, so as a minor, you need parental consent to participate in the charity auctions. If you intend to participate, ensure your parent or legal guardian checks the box under “Charity Auctions”, at the bottom of the first page of the “Parental consent form”.

We would like to avoid seeing performers arriving on stage, do nothing at all, then leaving the stage. This is not very entertaining for the audience. There are many Photo Opportunities are available outside the Live Show for those who wish to show off their costumes but do not wish to perform.

We're sorry you can't join us this year! Don't worry: our Registration Policy gives you the option of a one-time transfer of your registration either to someone else, or to next year. (Please note that in case of discrepancy, information in our official Registration Policy shall be deemed correct.)

Not sure if you’re a furry?

The nice thing about being a furry is if you think you are one, then you are.

There’s no membership card (although we will ask you to pay for a registration to attend CanFURence).

If someone says you’re not a furry unless you’ve got a fursuit – they’re wrong.  You don’t need a fursuit, or ears, or a tail, or handpaws.  If you want them, that’s fine too.

You don’t have to be an artist, or a writer, or a performer.  You don’t have to play games with anthropomorphic characters.  You can be or do any of those, or none of them.

The furry fandom welcomes you, however you choose to participate.

The only thing we ask of you is that you treat others with courtesy, and respect their individuality.

At this time we are unable to send registration packages, swag, or other items if you are unable to attend the convention. We apologize for this.

Yes, performers in the Live Show are not required to have a costume - but good taste does demand a certain level of decorum.

That, as we understand it, is your private space (and not the responsibility of CanFURence) so just like in your home you may serve and consume alcohol.  And that means with the door closed, not propped open, and not in the hallways.

But you're still governed by the laws of Ontario, so no serving alcohol to anyone under 19 years of age.

Also, even if you're not driving (and you shouldn't be if you're drinking) Drink Responsibly.


Don't forget to be considerate of your neighbours.

Alcohol, as covered in the Code of Conduct and the laws of Ontario, is generally not permitted in the convention space.

The exceptions to this include: alcoholic beverages served by the hotel as part of the meal included in certain registration levels; alcoholic beverages purchased from the Brookstreet that are consumed within the licensed area of the hotel (such as at one of the bars).

In order words, you can't just go wandering around sipping a brew.  Got it?

There will be cold water, straws, and fans available. Flash photography, and Videography will be permitted during the Live Show. If any other items are needed, please let the event Director know.

Please see the rules for further details. If you have any further questions, have no hesitation about contacting us. If you know anyone else who would like to participate in the Live Show, please pass this information on. Thank you for helping us provide some entertainment for those members of our convention who have an interest in costuming and performance art.

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