Born and raised in Nova Scotia, AirGuiTaR first stumbled upon the furry fandom in the late 90’s and has been a contributing artist in the community since 2000. Inspired by Disney’s animated movies and TV shows from an early age, AirGuiTaR began drawing animals and anthropomorphic characters until she created her maned wolf fursona in 1998 and dove right into the fandom.

She continued her love of art by perusing her BFA (Interdisciplinary) and becoming a freelance artist. She is known in the fandom for her use of markers and traditional media, especially with her conbadges. She also contributes to her local furry community by helping to plan and host large events (such as the annual furry OMGWTFBBQ in Halifax, NS) and helping to develop & promote the Atlantic Furs community.

Her other pastime is enjoying music, especially progressive rock. She is a ‘Geddycorn’ (female Rush fan) enjoying all things related to the Canadian rock trio!

All the journeys of this great adventure 
It didn't always feel that way 
I wouldn't trade them because I made them 
The best I could, and that's enough to say.