Posted 2018/03/06

Get your Early Bird priced registrations for the Furry Follies from our booth in the Dealers Den!  And even though we call it "Early Bird", you don't have to  be feathered to take advantage of the disount.  Fur, scales, or fins, you can get the discount too.  And we accept additional forms of payment in person.

You can also purchase useful and stylish CanFURence branded items from the swag collection.  T-shirts, backpacks, canteens, bandannas, steins, lanyards and buttons!

We're also happy if you just want to drop by and talk about CanFURence.  It's almost our favourite topic of conversation - just roll up and we'll bend your ear.

And how to find us?  Glad you asked!  Here's the map of where to find us in the Dealers Den: