Stronger Together

Stronger Together - an integral part of CanFURence - is commited not only to act as its charity department, but as a way:

  • to promote social awareness regarding challenges faced by members of our fandom,

  • to fight stigmas related to these challenges,

  • to encourage a sense of community in the hope that our social networks act as steady safety nets in times of need.


We will SOON reveal who our supported charity will be`for CanFURence 2018

Be sure to keep an eye on our social media and you’ll be amongst the first to know!


How can you help?

Be Generous!

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  • Charity Auctions Information
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Get help if your need it

  • Crisis Line: 613-722-6914

Sign up for CPR training

  • CPR isn't just for paramedics! Being ready to react in medical emergency situations saves lives!

Sign up for suicide prevention training

  • Learn to identify suicidal behaviors and how to help your loved ones choose life.

Tell us What you Think!

  • email us at

Be there for each other

  • Because we're Stronger Together



Charities previously support by CanFURence:
Event* YYYY-MM Charity Supported Funds Raised
CanFURence 2017 2017-11 Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue $5,071.00
CanFURence 2016 2016-11 Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue $5,675.30

* - includes amounts raised at PawPrints Events during the year leading up to the CanFURence Event.