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Since 2016, CanFURence has been bringing people from all over the world together in Ottawa to celebrate the furry fandom in all of its creativity, diversity, and fun! Whether you are a fan of cartoon animals, cinematic creatures, or mascot characters, CanFURence caters to fans of all things anthropomorphic. For 2021, our theme is "Steampunk on the Rails" with Guests of Honour Nicnak and Dodge Horse



June 10th, 2019

On behalf of the CanFURence convention, it is with a mix of sadness and immense gratitude that our Board of Directors announces the departure of QuyetPawz as a Board member and Head of Communications for CanFURence effective June 1st, 2019.

Since the convention's inception, QP has played a vital role in the development and success of CanFURence, both as a new organization and as a growing convention. We will miss her and her inspirational leadership. We wish her the best in all of her new and future endeavors and would like to thank her for the 4 years of dedicated service which include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Convention Co-Chair from 2015-2018\
  • Board of Directors Member (and Board President) from 2015-2019
  • Head of Communications from 2015-2019

The dedication, passion, enthusiasm, and motivation she has given CanFURence over the past 4 years has helped us to learn, improve, and create a fun, friendly, and welcoming convention for everyone. She will be greatly missed by all Staff, Board members, and Volunteers alike.

Thank you, QuyetPawz, for everything you have done to bring CanFURence to life, and as we continue to grow, we do so from the foundations on which you have helped to build.

If anyone has any questions regarding this transition, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly at .


Conreeaght (Kenneth Renton) - CanFURence Co-Chair.

BT-Armistice (Shaun Hardy) - CanFURence Co-Chair.


posted 2019/06/10



CanFURence 2018 Fursuit Group Photos


Some of you have been asking for these - have a look!

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posted 2018/07/20

August 3rd to August 5th, 2018

The Brookstreet Hotel, 
525 Legget Drive, 
Ottawa, ON 
K2K 2W2

Join us for the Furry Cabaret with our star Guest of Honour AirGuiTaR!

We put out a very fast announcement that Pawprints in the Pub on October 6, 2018 (hosted at Pub 101) was cancelled.

Our top priority was to swiftly notify you that the event was cancelled so everyone who was going to attend could make other plans.

We’ve ensured everyone who registered for Pawprints in the Pub for October has been refunded due to the cancellation.  Now we can address the reason why: a last-minute conflict in scheduling came up that we could not fix for October. The CanFURence Board of Directors is working to address this for the future as quickly as possible so we can all get back to our regularly scheduled Pawprints!

If you have any further questions, please e-mail us at

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