Last minute changes:

The panel Canfurbence at 14:30 will be held in Capitale instead of Chaudière.

The panel Investing 101 at 15:30 will be held in Chaudière instead of Capitale


posted 2023/08/06


Furry fun can be great, but maybe it can be just a little bit too much fun?

Need a break away from the noise and bustle?  Look from somewhere to contemplate it all?

We have just the place!

Saturday until 9:00PM, and Sunday from 9:00AM until 6:30PM, in Laurentian (Convention/Mezzanine Level, 2nd room over from Attendee Services, next to the Charity room).

In consideration of everyone who needs a quiet space, we suggest that if you want to get together with friends please use the Gaming Lounge also on the Convention/Mezzanine/2nd floor level.


posted 2023/08/05



We are pleased to announce that Brew Donkey is offering our attendees (ages 19+) a chance to beat the heat this year with a fursuit friendly brewery tour!

Just log in to the registration system to add your tickets!

But tickets are limited to 50 total, so be sure to act fast!

Each guided tour will visit three local breweries, includes samples of beers made at each visited brewery and includes a chance for prizes, a lesson on breweries and related info.

For more information about Brew Donkey and their tour offerings, check out

If you have any questions, concerns or require accommodations or assistance regarding a disability contact us directly at
We can ensure tours are adapted for accommodations are provided as long as we have at least 72 hour advance notice to the time of the event.

The tour has a minimum capacity of 15 people required to host the tour. In the event we do not have sufficient interest (At least 15 people before July 4th), all tickets will be refunded
In the event we sell more than 25 tickets, we will be splitting up the tour into two groups.

Ticket prices (minus a $2 Administration Fee) are refundable provided we receive at least 72 hours advance notice prior to the event, or should the event not receive sufficient interest.

After the 72 hour window, tickets become non-refundable.


posted 2023/06/23



10 Candles With Xenowulf has been moved to Pinnacle, same time 11:00PM Saturday to 1:00AM 


posted 2023/08/05



We've officially added more rooms to our main hotel room block. Additionally, rooms are still available in both of our overflow hotels as well!

Please be sure to use our booking link listed below to ensure the best, lowest prices possible

If you need to cancel, remember to use the self-serve cancellation link in the confirmation email so the room can be returned to the block.
Please do not call the hotel directly, if you need assistance, email us at

The discount dragon is still circling the skies with various travel discounts available as well, including special airfare and car rental, and they can be viewed here -


posted 2023/06/23