More rooms at the Delta are arriving soon!

We are eager to announce that if you wish to book a room in our main hotel, we have added more king rooms. There will also be the option to request a roll-in cot, available while supplies last. These new additions will be available on the group booking site very soon!

We at CanFURence are aware that as the convention grows, and general demand for travel increases, the Delta Ottawa is running low on rooms.

We would like to remind everyone that we still have the lowest rate for rooms at the Delta, guaranteed, from anywhere. Should these new rooms be filled, there may be rooms available to book at the Delta outside of our official block, but at a higher rate.

If you need to book outside of our block, we ask you to please book with our channel by using the CanFURence Room Block link, then by selecting -> Other Hotel -> Delta, and then pay for your room.

While the room will be priced at a higher rate, and not our block rate, by booking as listed above it will allow us to possibly drop your rate to our rate by allowing the convention to claim your booking. Not only does this help to avoid financial loss, it also helps us provide information to expand our room block to ensure more rooms in the future!

For those who have already booked outside the block, we encourage you to contact us at with the subject: "Booked Outside the Block" and provide your full name and booking number so we may be able to assist you more as well.


posted 2022/04/27