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A train could be a bad place to go about playing loud music.  But if you know your tracks are just too good for a pair of cheap headphones or phone speakers, show off your style to a larger audience and let your vibes define the dancefloor!

That's right! Dj applications are now open! Be sure to get yours in ASAP, because the hype train waits for no one.

Fill out your application here:

Don't wait too long or you'll miss your train.  Applications close at midnight 24 June, 2022.




You'll need your tickets before you board the CanFURence 5 train.  

Pre-registration (which will save you time as you board) ends 27 June, 2022.  Make sure you won't be left behind, get them now!

Want to register?  Go here:

There are still some rooms left in our well appointed sleeping cars.  Book a comfortable space to rest your head while supplies last here:



CanFURence 5 will be leaving the station for a trip full of furry fun on 29 July, 2022. 

Don't miss your train, make sure you're aboard!


CanFURence 5 starts in:


posted 2022/06/06