That steam-powered express that was CanFURence 5 has pulled into the station, and the passengers are disembarking.


But what will be the details for the next time Furry Fun returns to Ottawa?


CanFURence 6 will again be at Delta Hotels Ottawa City Centre, 4th August 2023 through 6th August 2023.

The theme will be Fire and Ice.

Our Guests of Honour will be Ookami Kemono, Soryane, and Feli of Dark Bunny Sauces.

As we're leaving the train, the statistics on CanFURence 5 were:

  • Fursuiters - we handed out 255 tags, but there were more than that.
  • Attendees: 863
  • more than $11225 was raised for our Charity, Ottawa Paw Pantry.


Until we meet again


We look forward to seeing you all, and new faces too, in 2023!


posted 2022/07/31