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We are deeply sorry for our early room block opening, the lack of communication and inconvenience that have come with the early opening of our room block this year. While we did not expect the massive increase in folks looking to join us this year, we understand that no explanation is an excuse for poor quality execution, and fully acknowledge the frustrations that have been present alongside the situation.

In regards to the current hotel booking situation, we are aware that the main hotel's rooms are sold out almost entirely. We are reaching out to the Delta in hopes of providing more rooms to allow folks more opportunities to book in our main hotel. For individuals who would like a room in the main hotel, we advise booking in one of our overflow hotels for the time being. As in previous years, when you reserve a room in our overflow hotels, you may request to change it later if more rooms become available in the main hotel provided no additional terms apply.
As a reminder, using 3rd party booking sites or reserving a room directly from the hotel without using our booking link will run a higher cost, and also prevent you from being able to change your rooms for others within the room block.

In regards to dealers who are still awaiting the results of our selection, we have confirmed a section of rooms within the main hotel has been set aside for those selected. Access to these rooms will be provided alongside a confirmation email if you are approved to deal at CanFURence this year. Despite this, we can not guarantee that everyone who wants a room at the main hotel will be able to get one.

As always, we wholeheartedly appreciate and respect the hard work of our volunteer staff who make CanFURence the con that it is, and take these situations seriously. We also ask the same courtesy from our attendees as the staff continue to take time out of their day to help make this event as amazing as they can.

We know how much time, consideration, and cost goes into everyone's plans to come to our con, especially those looking to vend or anyone traveling to attend and how critical securing a room is. We will continue to post updates on all of our social media, as well as by email, regarding our room block, open rooms, or any additional information regarding the event as a whole.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at

Thank you,
CanFURence Board of Directors


posted 2023/05/25