We're just a few days away from CanFURence 2021, and registration is currently closed.

If you didn't already register, there are a few registrations left.  You can purchase them at the door, Friday 12 November 2021 through Sunday 14 November 2021, until they're gone.

But, once they're gone, they're gone.


As of Saturday morning, 13 November 2021, we have reached our attendance cap

There are no longer any registrations available at the door.

If you had purchased your registration in advance, you may still pick up your registration.


In order to speed up the purchase process at CanFURence 2021 (assuming there are any registrations left), we would ask you to create an account.  To do that, click on "Create an account >" (look for the Login box) and fill in the form, and press "Register".  You'll receive an email with an activation link - please click on that link to activate your account.  Once your account is activated, you may log in, select Personal Information,and complete the form.

This does not mean you have a registration!

It does mean, if there are any registrations left when you reach the door, your purchase will take less time.


Check back here after the end of the event to register for CanFURence 5 in 2022.