To attend a CanFURence event, you must present a valid form of government-issued identification.

This identification must contain a current photograph, your legal name, your date of birth, and, if possible, your address. Valid forms of identification include, but are not limited to:

  • Passport,
  • Drivers License,
  • Age of Majority card,
  • Provincial health card,
  • Landed Immigrant Card,
  • Tribal Band Card,
  • Other government-issued ID.

In the case of minors who may not have a government-issued photo ID, we will accept a government-issued ID without a photo along with a non government-issued photo ID (such as a school ID.)

Your identification is used to verify your identity and age and is not stored, copied, or used for any other purpose by CanFURence or its staff.

If you have any questions about which form of identification is accepted by CanFURence please contact us (select “registration” as the topic) and we will assist you.


CanFURence conventions and events are open to minors. For CanFURence events a minor is anyone who is seventeen (17) years old or younger as of the first day of the event. When registering, all minors must present a completed Parental Consent Form. You can present the completed form to the registration desk at the event or, for added peace of mind, you can email it in advance at

Minors who are fifteen (15) years old or younger as of the first day of the event must be accompanied by a chaperone (their​​ parent,​​ their​​ legal​​ guardian, ​​or ​​an​​ appointed​​ adult) at all times.

If a minor attendee is seven (7) years old or younger, they will not be issued a con badge, although their chaperone will have to purchase their own registration and provide proof of age of the minor child to be eligible for this policy.

Vaccination Policy

Attendees to CanFURence conventions and events must be vaccinated to the minimum recommended level per the Public Health Agency of Canada. Proof of vaccination must be presented upon request.

Vaccine boosters are not required for admittance to the conference or event, but are strongly encouraged.

Vaccine policies are subject to change with little to no notice.

Mask Policy

All staff, attendees, and guests of CanFURence must continue to wear proper masks or face coverings when inside convention or event space.

Masks and face coverings are optional while in areas accessible by the general public, but it is recommended that everyone associated with CanFURence continue to protect themselves and others against the spread of transmissible disease.

Masks will NOT be provided at CanFURence conventions and events.


Your proof of registration for CanFURence, or a CanFURence event, is your badge. You will be issued your badge at the convention or event as part of your registration package. This badge is to remain visible at all times and must be worn to gain access to any spaces reserved by CanFURence. You may be asked to present your badge at any time if it is not visible by any member of the CanFURence staff or security team. Failure to wear your badge will result in you being asked to leave the convention space until your badge is retrieved and on display.

Service animal teams will be issued two registration badges; one to the human part of the team and one to the animal part of the team. It is suggested that the registration badge for the animal part of the team be kept with them at all times while in event space, but this is not a requirement.

A CanFURence badge is issued by CanFURence and remains the property of CanFURence for the duration of the convention or event. The badge can be revoked without refund in case of violation of the Code of Conduct for CanFURence.

Lost Badges

If at any time your badge is lost, you may request a replacement badge from the Registration Department.

Replacement badges are issued for a reprint fee of $30 for CanFURence events. This fee is refunded if the original badge is found and you present it along with your replacement badge to Registration Staff. In order to issue a replacement badge, Registration Staff will be required to see your Identification.

Refund Policy

Unless stated otherwise, we do not offer refunds at this time. While pre-registration is open, we may offer a one-time transfer (to another person or to the next year) of your pre-registration if you cannot attend, but this will not be available when pre-registration closes or at the convention.

To make arrangements to transfer your pre-registration please contact us (select “registration” as the topic) and we will assist you. Additionally, should you register and find out you cannot attend the event after pre-registration closes, please note we will not be able to ship your registration package.