Schedule of Events, CanFURence 6 (2023)


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Please note that events tagged "After Dark" are more mature in theme, and are not open to minors.  Proof of age and other conditions may be required.



Floor Plans:

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Main Floor

Main floor, International Ballrooms, Foyer, and Victoria 

Convention Level

Convention Level, Confederation, Richelieu, Frontenac, Joliet, Laurentian, York, Seignory, Chaudiere, Capitale, Cartier, Bytowne


Penthouse, Pinnacle, Panorama


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THURSDAY: Penthouse 1 (Pinnacle)


Dances (CanFur Kickoff): 2200-0200

Host(s): Amyte, Nevimer


Description: It’s time to kick off the weekend with some bass pounding beats! DJs, bring your USBs! This is an open deck night. Badge not required.


THURSDAY: Other Events


Gaming: 1800-2400


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Opening Ceremony


Host(s): BT-Armistice and Conreeaght

Time: 1100-1200




Description: Join us as our Con Chairs welcome you to CanFURence 6 - Fire and Ice, and preview some of the events we have in store as we kick off the weekend! 

Your First Con / Your First Furry Event


Host(s): BCRE8TVE, Conreeaght and Taque Corvus

Time: 1230-1330


Description: Welcome to your first furry convention! If you're new and would like to know what exactly is going on and how to make the most of it, this is the panel for you! We'll have a few ice breakers, go over the basics of con rules, do's and don'ts, talk about what to expect, and how to have a blast!


Meet the Guests of Honor

Host(s): BT

Time: 1400-1500


Description: Come meet our GOH, learn about them as BT interviews them and get to learn about  their contributions to the fandom in this panel


Open Mic

Host: Emmanual Furman
TIme: 1530-1630

Are you a musician? Stand-up comedian? Poet? Come show your stuff! Just show up, put in your name, and you'll get your time to shine on stage! (Please keep performances limited to 5 minutes.)

Fursuit Walkies


Host(s): Richard K Niner

Muster : 1700

Departure: 1800


Description: Join us in downtown Ottawa as we explore Canada's capital on a fursuit and photographer friendly Friday evening walk. Check out major sites only a few blocks from the hotel!

Friday Night Dances


Host(s): Amyte

Time: 2200-0200


Description: The night is young, and so are we! End every day of the convention by shaking your tail and waving your paws to the beats of our talented DJs, as they keep the music going all night long! The dances are for all ages, but please be aware that it is catered to adults and features a dark environment, loud music, bright strobing lighting, and fog/haze effects.


History of the Fandom


Host(s): Dronon

Time: 1300-1430


Description: How did Furry Fandom get started? How has it changed and been shaped by its members and the growth of the Internet? A greymuzzle explains!

Furry or Not?


Host(s): Zee, Eevachu / Sam Engstrom (Shrugsyolo/Crow Party) 

Time: 1800-1900


Description: Zee has collected a series of images that teeter on the edge of being considered part of the furry fandom... or not. Participants will be given slips of coloured paper to denote "YES" or "NO" each round. Upon voting Zee will ask why voters feel that way, as well as attempting to sway the opinion of her panel of opinionated furries. There's no wrong answer. Only fun!!


(okay, blink once for yes, twice for no! Oh wait, wrong show!) 

A Hitchhikers Guide to the Fandom


Host(s): Fuzz Buttons, ZekealSquirrel, Muttsi, Wolfgang

Time: 2100-2200


Description: Anthro 101: A Hitchhikers Guide To Furry Fandom is an interactive Q&A show teaching the furry fandom to fans of the community as well as those wanting to know more about this fuzzy fandom! With funny segments, history lessons, gateways to the fandom, & differences between us to cosplayers This is the ultimate guide for someone just starting in the fandom or needs a quick reintroduction to furry fandom.


Intro to Furry Photography 


Host(s): Deco Fox

Time: 1200-1300


Description: Whether you are new to furry photography or are looking to improve your existing photos, this is the panel for you! The panel will be split into 3 equal segments: film photography (first), digital photography basics and a discussion on furry photography (last).

Drawing Popular Furry Characters from Media from Memory 


Host(s): Jack the Red Fox

Time: 1500-1630


Description: You know all those furry characters we grew up watching on TV, animes, films or in video games? Well, let's see just how well you ACTUALLY remember them and their designs! Test your pencil and paper abilities as see if you can nail everything I throw at ya! If possible, please bring pens, pencils, erasers, and paper! We will supply some but bringing your own is ways better! Your homework will be submitted to the class at the end of the class! (You will submit them to me at the end of the panel so I can love them and cherish them forever.) Fun fur all!


Photografurs Meet N Greet 


Host(s): Eiko

Time: 1600-1730


Description: A Meet N Greet Social panel for all things Photography! All skill levels and level of involvement are welcomed. Bring you kits whether analog - digital! FURSUITERS WELCOMED/WANTED!

(smile for the camera!)


Crochet 101

Guest  of Honor Panel


Host(s): Soryane, Lunatic, Firebreath

Time: 1930-2230


Description: Learn how to crochet with Soryane! Learn basic stitches and practice with one of our GoH. After that, complete a small project with the group by following Soryane's instructions, with the help of another seasoned helper with the provided kit! Arrive early! Only the first 30 people will be given a starter kit to make your own crochet octopus to take home with you.

FRIDAY: Penthouse 1 (Panorama)

Sketch Book Swap


Host(s): Mimi

Time: 1200-1500


Description: In this Sketchbook Swap panel, artists are invited to bring their sketchbooks to pass on to other artists who will get to draw in said person's sketchbook. Please bring your own sketchbook to participate! Please be sure your sketchbook is SFW/PG-13! Though not required, it's encouraged to bring a picture of your ref sheet to attach in your sketchbook!

Patrons Feast

Time: 1700-1900

Description: Fellow Patrons come enjoy your fine meal with your fellow furs

(no vore until 2200!)


The Vore Meet 

After Dark (18+)


Host(s): Trouty

Time: 2200-2300


Description:  A Q&A on the subject of Vore, some popular media examples, and a gameshow/interactive session. A fun panel to chat with each other and meet new friends while sharing the interest.

(Hi to those looking from the patron meal)


FRIDAY: Penthouse 2 (Pinnacle)

Inflate Your World  


Host(s): Dr. Noah Buddy

Time: 1400-1600


Description: This is an open inflatable panel. Come share the fun. Bring your inflates. Enjoy the party

For Real Life! A Bluey Panel!  


Host(s): Snaggypeets, Kyo, and Jovi

Time: 2030-2200


Description: Hey there pup! Have you or a friend yet to see Bluey? No? Well Wingo! Even if you have or know about the show, stop on by, bring your friends and join us in getting to know about the show! We have games and goodies, and near the end we'll watch an episode or two! We'd love to have you! 

Kindergarten Meetup!  

After Dark (18+)


Host(s): Firebreath

Time: 2230-0000


Description: Are you a kid at heart or someone that enjoys taking care of them? Maybe you just enjoy additional cushioning when sitting down. Whatever the case may be, come meet other like-minded cubs, kids and bigs at this kindergarten meet!

FRIDAY: Other Events

Dealers Den

Time: 1200-1800


Artist Alley

Time: 1200-1800



Pre-Reg: 0900-1000

Time: 1000-2100


Attendee Services

Time: 0900-2100



Time: 1130-0200



Drop off Time: 900-1030

Silent Auction Time: 1200-1800


Fursuit Lounge

Time: 1000-0200


Fursuit Photography Booth

Time: 1200-2000


Through the Peep Hole 

After Dark(18+)


Host(s): Xzion and Prplhaze

Time: 2100-0030


Description: Take a peep through the keyhole into the bedroom. Experience a full 30 minute professional photography session which is kink, and adult fursuit friendly. This panel was a pre-booked event and is an 18+ event, no exceptions.

(no peeking!)


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Fursuit Games


Host(s): Simbayo

Time: 1100-1300



Back for 2023, the games that pits teams of fursuiters against each other in tests of skill, agility and speed. Be prepared for fluffy excitement and general mayhem to ensue.

May the odds ever be in the victor's favour. (Yes, it’s a movie quote.)

Dance Competition Tryouts


Host(s): BT

Time: 1330-1430


Description: So you think you’ve got those cool moves? Come skate on to the dance floor to show us why you should glide on to the main stage! 


Intro to Music Production


Host(s): Amyte

Time: 1530-1630


Description: Are you interested in learning how to make music on your computer? You wanna know how to make a “🔥banger🔥”? Learn the starting steps of music production, including synthesis, sampling, effects processing, mixing, mastering and so much more!

Anubis and Damiano's Elysium LIVE!


Host(s): Anubis Tenebrous

Time: 1700-1830


Description: Do you enjoy live music and performance? If the answer is yes, this panel is for you! Anubis (winner of the 2019 talent shows at CanFurence and Furnal Equinox (FE)) will be opening the show with a 20-30 minute instrumental guitar set in fursuit. The set will consist of various rock/metal classics, possibly fire and/or ice themed, performed with the same level of energy that was brought to the Anthro New England (ANE) and Furnal Equinox stages this year. Following a short intermission, Anubis will take the microphone and perform a 40-45 minute set of original songs from his musical project under the artist name "Damiano's Elysium". The show has grown since FE and CanFurence 2022, with on-stage sword fights, live guitar solos, audience participation, and new unreleased songs from his next album. All elements of a show you won't want to miss!

Furry Improv!

After Dark(18+)


Host(s): Eloediel, Gallagher, Letty

Time: 1900-2030


Description: Welcome to another year of Furry Improv! Improvisation, or improv, is a form of live theater in which the plot, characters and dialogue of a game, scene or story are made up in the moment. This is a crowd participation event featuring several improvisation games. Audience members can volunteer to be a part of short, fun skits for their own and others entertainment! Inspired by the furry improv panel hosted by Dralen, Hiker and Leo at Furnal Equinox. <3

Saturday Night Dances


Host(s): Amyte

Time: 2200-0200


Description: The night is young, and so are we! End every day of the convention by shaking your tail and waving your paws to the beats of our talented DJs, as they keep the music going all night long! The dances are for all ages, but please be aware that it is catered to adults and features a dark environment, loud music, bright strobing lighting, and fog/haze effects.


Goo Furs - History, Design Tips, Meet & Greet


Host(s): Aver the Dorbley

Time: 1430-1530


Description: A fan of or curious about fursonas that are a little more on the melty side? A look at the history and inspiration of liquid shapeshifters in the fandom. Get ahem... solid tips for designing or improving your own slimy self. Meet others, find out where their interest stems from. Lots of crossover for those that like stretch, pool toy, general shapeshifting and those characters that are just so TF prone.

Furry Feud


Host(s) : BC Breakaway

Time: 1930-2030


Description: The hottest game at CanFURence is back in town! Richard Dawson, Steve Harvey and John O’Hurley defined it, but now BC Breakaway will perfect it! Join BC as he hosts Furry Feud!  Be part of a team, and see if you can think like the one hundred furries surveyed for this show and score on the board.


Child of the Revenge of the Vengeance of Burning Down the Con


Guest  of Honour Panel


Host(s): Feli

Time: 2130-2300


Description: Some people have recently asked: “Hey Feli,” (which is good, because that’s a name I respond to. People who say “Hey Bob” Might have my dad respond instead, and that would be weird.) “Are you running your panel this year?

The answer is an absolute and enthusiastic yes! Burning Down the Con is making a triumphant return! And, as always, I’ve been tweaking the format a bit. But you have the following to look forward to:
-Seeing your fellow con attendees and staff members eating things in an ever-increasing spice scale based on trivia questions.!
-Levels shall be increased based on answers: Both incorrect, AND for the first time, teams will be punished for incorrect answers by having THEIR level increased more!
-There WILL be prizes for the winners. There may even be prizes for the losers!
-There will be the ability to vote in people to the “Hot Seat,” as well as ways to trigger bonus/danger rounds!
-There will be a running tally/counter for the amount raised for the charity to show just how much we furries like to suffer to support others!

And lastly, in a new twist…

-As the counter goes up, you all as the audience will help decide and add ingredients to the first ever dry rub created at a convention, ingredient by ingredient, pepper by pepper, pain-tear by pain-tear. And once done, during the rest of the convention, this rub will absolutely donate ALL sales to the charity.

(Programming says : Send help….) 


How to Finance Your Furry Fascination


Host(s): BCRE8TVE

Time: 1000-1200


Description: Would you like to easily save 250$ for every furry convention you will ever attend? Would you like to never have to worry about your budget when buying furry stuff? Managing your money doesn't have to make you miserable, come on down for a presentation so easy that even a simple moose can understand it!


Sketch Book Swap


Host(s): Boom, Kougerai

Time: 1500-1800


Description: Bring your reference sheet and your sketchbook and come swap with fellow artists at the sketch book swap! Sketch book swap Is an art trading event where you bring a sketchbook for other artists to draw in! All skill levels welcome!  (iPads welcome! Please provide emails for swapping digital art)


Drawing Digimon from Memory


Host(s): Kain, Fox

Time: 1900-2000


Description: Grab your sketchbooks and join your fellow goggle-heads as we attempt to draw Digimon... from memory! How many belts does Devimon wear again?



Quebec Fur Meet Up


Host(s): Gopir

Time: 1200-1300


Description: A gathering for all the Quebec furries. There will be group pictures and some times to have some chit chats with your fellow furs.


Cutthroat Artist


Host: BC Breakaway

Time : 1600-1700


Description: Experience the thrilling competition between four artists in a timed art challenge as they sabotage each other, at the end of each round one will be eliminated. 

Audience participation is welcomed and you may even get free art so please join us


Fiery Fast Fursuit Sketches

Guest  of Honor Panel


Host(s): Ookami Kemono

Time: 2030-2230


Description: Want a cute chibi sketch of your fursuit? I will be taking some time to sketch out your amazing fursuits and turn them into cute chibi characters! Got a fursuit you want chibi-fied? Make sure to come over! First come first serve. Full presentable fursuits only.

10 Candles with Xenowulf  - moved to Pinnacle

After Dark(18+)


Host(s): Xenowulf

Time: 2300-0100


Description: In a dark room lit by 10 candles a story will unravel between a group of individuals of the darkest hours of their last days. This game involves rolling dice to control the narrative and trying to survive in the last days of a world where something dark has occurred and taken over. The time will be based on when 10 lit candles (LED for fire safety due to possible fursuit players) all go out. New and experienced players in and out of fursuit are welcome, along with watchers. Character creation and story rules will be within the first 30 minutes of the panel.

SATURDAY: Penthouse 1 (Panorama)




Host(s): Eiko

Time: 1230-1430


Description: Plushies! The soft squishy things that we cuddle or surround ourselves with to keep us safe from the things that go bump in the dark! A companion we take with us on our journeys through life. A friend we can hug and hold tighter than ever without worry of hurting them when we need someone close through our toughest times. Or spend our hard earned cash on becoming a living plushie so you can spread the love of plushies! If this sounds like something for you then, this panel is for you! The plushie panel is back for another year! Come join us for a Show and Tell social gathering about all things PLUSHIES! No matter how big or small it is(within reason), be sure to bring it or a story about it! Because, all things PLUSHIES are welcomed! We'll discuss everything from care/maintenance, collecting/acquiring/selling, creation/design, Plushsuits and all the love and joy they bring into our lives! This is a G rated panel but, Littles/Middles/Bigs are welcomed!

Greymuzzles Meet and Greet


Host(s): Kaldar

Time: 1530-1700


Description: Old in body but not in Soul? Come join your fellow greymuzzle in a meet and greet to reminisce about the great days of old! As a bonus, we’ll even make sure you get back home for a nap! 


(Now get off the lawn! You whippersnappers!) 

Benefactors Meal


Host(s): The Board of Directors

Time: 1800-2000


Description: Join us for yet another Epicurean extravaganza with this one of a kind Meal ( For Benefactor levels only) 


(And a good salad dressing to you! If you know, you know~)

SATURDAY: Penthouse 2 (Pinnacle)

Furry Photo Scavenger Hunt!


Host(s): Zee

Time: 1400-1500


Description: It's a photo scavenger hunt! The first person to fill their camera or phone with selfies of themselves and their targets AND return to Zee wins a snazzy sketch commission, to be completed at the con!


Do NOT take any photos with anyone who doesn't want them! All photos MUST be taken with consent. Do not go into the dealers room to take photos. You can only use one person/item per photo. In the event no one fills up their card, the one with the highest point total will win! You have 40 MINUTES! GO!



The Pokemon Cookbook


Host(s): Zee

Time: 1630-1800


Description: Pokemon, partners for life or...maybe... for dinner? A (mostly) live discussion featuring the questions to the audience: Would you feel bad about eating this pokemon? What do you think this pokemon would taste like? What do you think the best recipe for this pokemon would be? For each pokemon displayed the presenter Zee will be asking the crowd to dish before offering her (correct) opinion.

Pin Trading with NaysPinClub


Host(s): NaysPinClub

Time: 2030-2130


Description: Come see what all the fuss is about! Don’t have any pins yet? Come on by and NaysPinClub will give you a starter pin. Keep what you get or trade around until you land one you like!

SATURDAY: Other Events


Dealers Den

Time: 1000-1300



Artist Alley

Time: 1000-1300




Time: 1000-1800



Attendee Services

Time: 1000-2100


Quiet Room (Laurentien)

Time: 1000-2100



Time: 1200-0200



Time: 1000-1800


Fursuit Lounge

Time: 1000-0200


Fursuit Photography Booth

Time: 1000-2000

CanFURence Dread 


Room: Richelieu

Host(s): Xenowulf

Time: 1400-1630


Description: Want to try to play a TTRPG one shot related to the Fire & Ice theme? Then please join Xenowulf for Dread. This game will not rely on how you roll with dice, but rather how well you pull blocks from a Jenga tower. New and experienced players are welcome, both in and out of fursuit. Character creation will happen within the first 30 mins of the panel/event.

Through the Peep Hole 

After Dark(18+)


Host(s): Xzion and Prplhaze

Time: 2100-0030


Description: Take a peep through the keyhole into the bedroom. Experience a full 30 minute professional photography session which is kink, and adult fursuit friendly. This panel was a pre-booked event and is an 18+ event, no exceptions.

(i said no peeking!)

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Host(s): Simbayo and Dancer

Time: 1000-1100



Mingle with other suiters in a meet and greet. Play some low energy games while you wait for everyfur to wander in. Then comes the boxes. Oh, have mercy on the boxes! If you haven’t seen the sight of a poofy fursuiter trying to sit in a box. Words cannot describe the sight to behold! One part fursuiter. One part cardboard box. Forever testing the adage perfected by felines, if I fits, I sits. Come see if you fit… you sit.

(Those darn cats are at it again!)


Dance Competition


Host(s): BT and Bemani

Time: 1300-1500

Description:Come watch our competitors set the stage ablaze with their fiery dance moves, in the dance comp finals. Bring your water to avoid the burn!


LIVE! Charity Auction


Host(s):Twitchy and Reiver

Time: 1600-1800


Description:Take a chance on a bid, to try and win some burning hot items in the charity auction. Remember it's all for the cute animals.

It’s pretty cool to donate!

Closing Ceremonies


Host(s):BT and Conreeaght

Time: 1830-1930



Grab a seat while we tune in on how many people joined us this year, how many critters were here, and how much money was donated.  But wait! Don't leave until you've seen what our next year's event will be!


Dead Dog Bunny


Host(s): Feli

Time: 1930-0000


Description: The convention might be over, but the music and dancing keeps going! Dead Do-, err, Dead Bunny! Feli is here with all the fun! 




Animation Industry Q&A


Host(s): Aver the Dorbley

Time: 1100-1200


Description: Ever been curious what it's actually like working at a studio on a TV show? Want to know what the process is, how long things take, what's expected? Do you want to hear some horror stories of bad clients or shows? Tips and tricks for starting? Everything's on the table!

Canfurbence (Moved to Capitale)


Host(s): Koishark, Oni (Yuri-Lucy Chartrand)

Time: 1430-1630


Description: Not much of a panel, more of a workshop! Come and create your very own mini-long Furby! Includes everything you need!


Basics of Physical Security and Locks


Host(s): Nikko

Time: 1200-1300


Description: A basic primer of physical security and all the coolness that comes with it. Learn about lock picking and some other tools.

Investing 101: How to Use Money to Make Money!  (Moved to Chaudière)


Host(s): BCRE8TVE

Time: 1530-1730


Description: If you've ever wondered how investing works, but you don't quite know what it's all about, this panel is for you! We'll go over the basic terms, what they mean, how the stock market works, and give some useful advice on how to get started, all in a simple and enjoyable format so even a simple moose can understand it!


Car Enthusiast Meet and Greet


Host(s): Xero

Time: 1100-1200


Description: A get-together for furry car enthusiasts to talk about their favourite cars and share their automotive stories.

CanFURence - Forging a Convention


Host(s): Conreeaght, Xenowulf

Time: 1400-1530


Description: The hot will and dreams of staff to put together a con quenched by reality of trying to organize one. Have you ever wondered what truly tests our mettle? Join Conreeaght as he goes through the history of CanFURence, and explains some of your questions with conrunning, organizations, and a lot of "why things are the way they are." Also a bit of a deeper dive into staffing & volunteering, and how you can help not just here, but anywhere your warm passions call. Come with questions, leave with answers.

Transformation Meet and Greet


Host(s): FoxLightning

Time: 1630-1800


Description: Are you feeling changes, interested in learning more about transformation (TF) or a longtime fan of the subject? Do you want to meet new or old friends? Or just chat and hang out with those who have the same interests. Then you have come to the right place! Come down to the TF meet and greet and transform… hang out with fans of transformation. *Warning* not responsible if you leave the meet in a different form!

(wait did I grow a tail?)


SUNDAY: Penthouse 1 (Panorama)


Sponsors Lunch



Time: 1200-1400


Description:sponsors and above, come enjoy a luncheon and mingle with your fellow furs 

(Bacon? O.O)

Furry Yoga


Host(s): Fuzz Buttons, Muttsi

Time: 1600-1700


Description: Furry Yoga is a weekly free program hosted by Fuzz Buttons and Muttsi! Based in Toronto Ontario 4 times a week live on youtube! The purpose of this panel is to spread the program's reach and show off this new twist on working out! Over the course of the panel Fuzz & Muttsi show you how working out can be fun & benefit your everyday life! We all suffer from either mental or physical health issues (unfortunately some of us with both) so let's get together as a community to work on ourselves through the power of Furry Yoga!


SUNDAY: Penthouse 2 (Pinnacle)

Genderverse Furries Social


Host(s): Serval, Lovelace

Time: 1630-1830


Description: The cool place for the hottest cosmic Genderverse! Come hang out and unwind in an inclusive and supportive social environment with other trans/nonbinary furs, or if you have a friend, loved one or co-worker who is!

SUNDAY: Other Events


Dealers Den

Time: 1000-1300



Artist Alley

Time: 1000-1300




Time: 1000-1700


Attendee Services

Time: 1000-1830


Quiet Room (Laurentien)

Time: 1000-1830



Time: 1200-1830



Silent Auction, Pick up Time: 1000-1300


Fursuit Lounge

Time: 1000-1830


Fursuit Photography Booth

Time: 1000-1800 

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