Are you a jack-of-all-trades who likes to help out any way they can?

Curious about how a convention is run but just want to get your toes wet?

Been attending furry conventions for a while and want to give back to the community?

How about Volunteering?

Whether this is your first con or your twentieth, whether you want to help out for an hour or the whole weekend - we are grateful for your enthusiasm! Volunteers lend a helping hand wherever needed while the convention is going on. This includes:

  •  Zookeepers
  •  Registration
  •  Programming (including panels, fursuiting and special events)
  •  Charity (including the annual live auction)

How to Volunteer:

Join the CanFURence Volunteer Telegram group and/or Discord channel.

For the Discord channel, just mention in the General chat that you’re interested in volunteering so that we tag you as a Volunteer. This will allow you to see the Volunteers section.

The Telegram group and the Discord channel are meant to function as a pool of “on-call” volunteers where we’ll post “assignments”. These are announcements detailing when we need your help and what for.

If you have something specific in mind you’d like to help out with, please reach out to !

Please keep in mind that you do need to be 18+ or have explicit parental consent if a minor in order to assist.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at CanFURence.